Publishers’ Bindings & Their Designers:
Making Their Mark

Comprehensive List of Known Designers | Unidentified Designers | Bibliography

Publishers' Bindings often featured the work of artists and graphic designers. They left their marks -- both literally and figuratively -- on the publishers' bindings of the 1880s through the end of the publishers' binding era. A noted exception is exception of John Feely, a prominent engraver who worked in the field from the 1840s to the 1870s. Margaret Armstrong and Sarah Wyman Whitman, two relatively well-known designers are of interest to some book collectors today. Other designers have left us with little more than a discreet initial on a binding along with their beautiful designs, their identities remaining a mystery.

Frank Hazenplug John Feely Sarah Whitman Margaret Armstrong Theodore Hapgood Decorative Designers Thomas Cleland William Jordan Amy Sacker

Featured here are some of the most prominent designers in the PBO project. We have compiled a list of identified designers with biographies and examples, as well as a list of unidentified designers. Biographical information when available about these designers are included, along with some examples of their monograms. A bibliography of binding designer resources is also available. If you have any information you wish to share relating to these or any designers, please contact us.

Armstrong, Margaret Neilson (1867–1944)

Thomas Watson Ball (1863 –1934)

Bradley, WIll (1868–1962)

Cleland, Thomas Maitland (1880–1964)

Decorative Designers (firm, 1895–1931)

Feely, John (ca. 1819–1878)

Hapgood Jr., Theodore Brown (1871–1938)

Hazenplug, Frank (aka Hazen after 1911) (1874–1931)

Jordan, William James (active 1889–1914)

Sacker, Amy M. (1872 or 1873-1965)

Whitman, Sarah de St. Prix Wyman (1842–1904)

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