Bead Grain

Bead-grain book-cloth was introduced in the late 1850s. The texture of the beading varies from fine to coarse, although the term "coarse" is not generally used in description; the terms "bead grain" and "fine bead grain" are preferred.

The PBO database includes books bound in bead-grain book-cloth dating back to 1858.

A variation called beaded-line grain was used after the 1860s. In the PBO database this grain pattern is included under dotted-line-grain cloth. Some bibliographers also link bubble grain to bead-grain cloth.

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pbw00922 detail
pba00107 detail
pbw00151 detail
pbw00922 (detail)
Favorite authors: a companion-book of prose and poetry (1861)
  pba00107 (detail)
Colonel Todhunter of Missouri (1911)
  pbw00151 (detail)
The country of the pointed firs (1927)

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