Bubble Grain

Bubble grain is similar to pebble-grain book-cloth. Some bibliographers consider both bubble and pebble to be types of sand-textured grains, along with patterned sand.

The PBO database includes books bound in bubble-grain book-cloth dating back to 1870.

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pba00413 detail
pbw00043 detail
pba00413 (detail)
The lost daughter (1870)
  pbw00043 (detail)
The Norway music album (1881)

pba00175 detail
pba01208 detail
pba01257 detail
pba00175 (detail)
Christian hymnal: A choice collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship (1871)
  pba01208 (detail)
Mansions of the skies: An acrostic poem on the Lord's prayer (1875)
  pba01257 (detail)
Simon Suggs' adventures: Late of the Tallapoosa volunteers, together with Taking the census, and other Alabama sketches (1881)

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