Morocco Grain

The term morocco refers to a type of goatskin leather used for bookbinding. Morocco-grain cloth bears similar markings and was one of the earliest grain patterns used in book-cloth. British manufacturers first advertised this style of cloth in 1830.

The PBO database includes books bound in morocco-grain book-cloth dating back to 1833.

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pba00023 detail
pba00149 detail
pba00023 (detail)
Popular account of the manners and customs of India (1847)
  pba00149 (detail)
Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, the backwoods preacher (1857)
pbw00972 detail   pbw00697 detail
pbw00697 (detail)
Amerikanisches garten-buch für stadt und land (1892)
  pbw00697 (detail)
Amerikanisches garten-buch für stadt und land (1892)

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