Pebble Grain

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  pbw00700 (detail)
Bunte Blüthen (1880)

Pebble-grain book-cloth was introduced in the 1860s. Some bibliographers describe the pattern as "pebbled" or "pebbly."

Pebble grain is similar to bubble-grain book-cloth. Some bibliographers consider both pebble and bubble to be types of sand-textured grains, along with patterned sand.

The PBO database includes books bound in pebble-grain book-cloth dating back to 1839.

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pbw00209 (detail)
Our Charley, and what to do with him (1858)
  pba00305 (detail)
The last poems of Alice and Phoebe Cary (1873)
  pba01274 (detail)
The Red Eagle : a poem of the South (1914)

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