Rib Grain

Fine-ribbed book-cloth was introduced to the trade around 1836, with a heavier version, coarse rib, appearing in 1839.

The PBO database includes books bound in rib-grain book-cloth dating back to 1841.

Bindings are described as being diagonal rib or horizontal rib when the cloth is applied to the book at an angle other than vertical, as was most common. These variations in direction may result from the binder's preference or simply the availability of cloth on the bolt.

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  pba00714 detail
  pba00714 (detail)
Bruce Norman: a novel (1902)
pbw00738 detail   pbw00764 detail  
pbw00175 detail
pbw00566 (detail)
Across Chrysê, being the narrative of a journey of exploration through the south China border lands from Canton to Mandalay(1883)
  pbw00764 (detail)
Udvalgte skrifter : skitser fra Norges natur og folkeliv (1893)
  pbw00175 (detail)
Under the lilacs (1898)
pba00378 detail
      pba01384 detail  
pba00957 detail
pba00378 (detail)
Henry Bourland : the passing of the cavalier (1901)
  pba01384 (detail)
Uncle Mary : a novel for young or old (1922)
  pba00957 (detail)
Admiral Franklin Buchanan : fearless man of action (1929)

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