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  pbw00931 (detail)
Inklings of adventure (1836)

Ribbon embossing is a type of ornamentation applied to book-cloth to add decoration beyond that of graining.These designs are generally geometric or floral motifs repeated across the cloth, often with a fine rib background. Common colors of ribbon-embossed cloth are blue and green.

Ribbon-embossed designs were not particularly durable and often wore down over time. Many examples are hard to recognize today because the designs are largely worn away.

The PBO database includes books bound in ribbon-embossed book-cloth dating back to 1829.

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pbw00984 (detail)
The mother at home; or, The principles of maternal duty familiarly illustrated (1833)

  pba01295 (detail)
Richard Hurdis ; or, The avenger of blood : a tale of Alabama (1838)
  pba01294 (detail)
Richard Hurdis ; or, The avenger of blood : a tale of Alabama (1838)

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