Excerpt from The Story of Abraham Lincoln

No matter what circumstances or condition came into Abraham Lincoln’s life, instead of complaining, he profited by the severe experiences. As the years progressed and his hardships and privations increased, he met them with a firm determination to conquer. The struggle for the mastery did much to perfect that character, which for quaint simplicity, gentleness, integrity and honest purpose has never been surpassed among the historic personages of the world. His example will surely teach the lesson that no matter how poor one may be of how few advantages one may possess, he can, if he will, acquire sufficient education to get through the world, not only respectably, but honorably. That no matter how lowly one’s origin, or how humble one’s home, he may rise to affluence and power. He may, as did Abraham Lincoln, become the choice of the people – the representative of a mighty nation.

Eleanor Gridley. The story of Abraham Lincoln: Or, The Journey from the Log Cabin to the White House. Chicago: M. A. Donohue, 1927. Page 75.