Amy M. Sacker (1872 or 1873–1965)

Amy Sacker monogramA prolific designer, Amy Sacker created cover designs for thousands of books. The majority of her designs adorned children's titles of the day. She favored bright colors and often incorporated the popular "poster" look -- a bold design style that encompasses the entire front cover and usually features a narrative scene. For an example, please see pba00032, The Little Colonel at Boarding-School, by Annie F. Johnston (L.C. Page & Co., 1904). Sacker often based on her covers on a distinctive and uniquely American “colonial” style.

The publishers for whom she worked were Knight; Little, Brown; L.C. Page; Lothrop; and Houghton, Mifflin & Co., the latter from 1907–1917.

Monograms: AS with a serif across the apex of the A or not; AS overlapped; AMS overlapped.

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Sources: Charles Gullans and John Espey, “American Trade Bindings and Their Designers, 1880–1915” (1979); Nancy Finlay, Artists of the Book in Boston, 1890–1910 (1985).

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