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Glossary of Publishers' Bindings-Related Terms
The PBO glossary contains over 450 entries relating to bindings and the publishers' bindings era.

Master Bibliographies of Print and Online Resources
These working documents provide bibliographic information on print resources and links to online resources relating to the study and appreciation of publishers' bindings. Print Resources | Online Resources

Binding Designers: Biographies and Examples
The PBO project has painstakingly identified designers that are included in the project, both identified and unidentified. This master list of designers also includes links to the database to provide all available examples of each designer. As part of our work with binding designers, we have also provided short biographies of some of the most prolific and best known bindings designers, along with some examples of their monograms.

Controlled Vocabulary for Subject Headings
This comprehensive list of terms used to describe both the book bindings themselves and the imagery on the covers is provided here. The list allows users to scan through the terms we have used. Each subject heading term is clickable and allows access to the search results for that term.

Gallery of Book-Cloth Grain Patterns
This resource provides detailed views of the cloth used in 19th century book bindings featured in the PBO project. Thee cloth used to cover books is an often-overlooked element of decoration. Not only is the color of the cloth an important consideration, but the texture, or grain pattern, of the cloth may be used to add depth and detail to the design of the binding.

Publishers Across the Land
Accessable through an 1855 map of the United States, this resource allows users to view lists of publishers included in the PBO project by region. Simply click on the map and narrow your search by state, then by city. This resource is still in development, and we welcome your comments as to how it might be more useful.

Publishers' Bindings by Decade
This page serves as a gateway to entertaining and informative essays about each decade covered in the PBO project. Major movements in the design and overall look of publishers' bindings can be better understood by reviewing the bindings themselves as a group by decade. We have created a gallery search for eleven periods covered in the scope of the PBO project. In addition, each decade gallery provides end users with interesting information about the styles of that period, as well as some insight into the major literary, cultural, and historical events that occured during the decade. These decades galleries are interesting to explore, but they also prove excellent tools for the study of American history and culture.

Publishers' Bindings Galleries
The galleries we have created are a means of gaining additional information and insight into specific aspects of the Publishers' Bindings Online project. The galleries include short essays, teaching resources, bibliographic resources, and links to search results within the PBO database. Galleries created address specific eras, geographic locations, single authors, titles, publishers, and designers, as well as specific physical mediums.

UW-Madison's Scandinavian-American Publisher Holdings, 1840-1920
This resource is a comprehensive bibliography of UW-Madison's holdings by Scandinavian-American Publishers during the publishers' bindings era. The bibliography was compiled by Ann K. D. Myers with initial research by David S. Gehring and managed by Barbara Walden in 2004-2005. Many of the titles included in the bibliography are part of the PBO project database.


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